Nez Long & Drifta Trek trade Jabs on Facebook


HipHop artistes Nez Long and Drifta Trek yesterday re-ignited their rivalry with subliminal jabs traded on Social Media. The social media war was started by Drifta Trek who subbed unnamed rappers for writing verses for female rappers. He further stated the Ghost writers are actually pretty good judging by the verse being delivered by the alleged female rappers.

It didn’t require rocket science for people to speculate that he was talking about Xaven especially that many have been claiming she uses Ghost Writers. Nez Long couldn’t hesitate to retaliate with a subminimal jab aimed at Drifta Trek.


Both rappers have been at odd with each others since 2020 with a few Jabs shared on songs such as My Diary 7 by Nez Long. The feud however has mainly been expressed via social media posts to the extent of Drifta Trek suggesting a Boxing Match.