Ruff Kid Confesses Being In Love, Reveals Truth about Relationship with Ivanka!


Ruff Kid confessed he is finally in love after being single for over 5 years. Speaking in an interview with DJ PMC on Joy FM, Ruff Kid said his new song “Nalondola” which features Yo maps is inspired by this new love he is feeling.

In the same interview, the “Money King” also clarified that there was nothing going on between him and Ivanka Bianca. According to him, the relationship issue between them was just made up for social media publicity. He said further disclosed the idea was actually suggested by Ivanka’s friend. Ruff Kid who didn’t know Ivanka by then agreed to the idea as he thought it would give people something to talk about since he wasn’t releasing any music at that time.

However he said the stunt made him lose a couple of potential wives because some got heartbroken and didn’t believe it was a stunt. He then added that Ivanka is a good person and they hang out once in a while. Watch Interview below!


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