Rapper ‘The Phoenix’ set to drop New EP on 8th December, 2023

Budding HipHop artiste “The Phoenix” is set to drop a brand new EP this December. Below is the Verbatism with the details.
The Phoenix, “When we were composing the Afro-Beats joint, we had a few choices. Sell this song to an interested party or we just make the song ourselves. We figured if we can show anyone that has an interest in buying songs, what we can do, it may spark a bigger interest to collaborate, or even an interest to buy some of our written songs in the future.  Sadly, only numbers, are what entice people to by songs now, not creativity or intuition.”
Still Hip-Hop??
The Phoenix, “We have been studying the demographic, for quite sometime now. Zambians in general don’t seem interested in investing alot of their time in Hip-Hop at the moment. Not that it is a bad thing, this is the kind of climate we need, to be more creative, in terms of how we connect with people. Numbers show alot of the females especially, are not interested, they connect with Afro. My interem manager says the opposite. He says they consume alot of Hip-Hop. I on the other hand, is yet to be convinced. I mean it is the reason, I & the studio felt we needed to add some afro-fused sounds. To give the people, something they could dance to, which we felt we have not done in a long time.”
The Craft??
” I am most definitely in this for the art, but like my mentor always says, ‘ You have to play the Game.’ Playing the game will come with growth, and that will make me feel uncomfortable sometimes,cos I may try different sounds. In the end, it is ok, growth can be uncomfortable. All in all I never want to lose sight of the art, the craft, the poetry. There is a level of writing, us writers aspire to reach. I want to be a top tier writer and lyricist.”
Album Tracklist
Production & Artworks
The E.P is produced by Classic Tune. He recorded, mixed and mastered the full Project. All the beats on the project, were produced by Ettric Shemi, well known as Etro. The selection of beats, A&R, reviews, Executive Production etc, were done by Square, Oracle Studio & Oddie Mac.
Artworks were overseen by Thomson Nasser, Square & Oracle Studio.
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