Chanda Mbao Ft. V/A-“One Nation Project” (Full Album)


Chanda Mbao links up 32 Young Zambian artistes from all the 10 provinces on this Compilation album called “One Nation Project“. The project, executively produced by Chanda Mbao, Shinko Beats and Mumamba Chungu, has been crafted to celebrate Zambian unity and features artists from all ten provinces of Zambia.

We did this to combat the divisive rhetoric that sometimes arises in Zambia, including in the Zambian music industry,” said Zambian artist Chanda Mbao. “We wanted to do our part as musicians and artists to show that we CAN be a unified front, despite some of the bickering that can sometimes arise in entertainment and the media.” As such Mbao said the team dubbed the motto of the project “Many Tribes, One Zambia” – a celebration of all the languages and forms of expression of the nation.

Mbao relayed that one of the key focuses of the project was also to highlight young talent seeking to build on their talents and grow a larger audience. “It is clear that there is immense talent in every corner of this country but sometimes that talent doesn’t have access to the infrastructure it needs to grow a following, so we wanted to do our part to shine a light on them.” In addition to promoting Zambian talent, the project has been released in partnership with Zambian platform, Mvesesani, where all proceeds from album sales will be directed to charity. Two charity partners mentioned by Mbao were the Zambian Scholarship Fund and the BuPilo Foundation. Though the project has been orchestrated with very limited resources, sponsored with a donation by Chanda Mbao and the efforts of all the collaborators, the team said they felt the need to give back, in the spirit of patriotism. Their goal is to raise ZMW 10,000 for the charities through sales on the Mvesesani platform.

Chanda Mbao, a Zambian Hip-Hop artist, has become known for pushing Zambian Hip-Hop on the African continent through a combination of strategic collaborations and top tier visuals which have hit charts across the continent. He features on each track alongside the provincial lead artists.

The first single from the project is simply titled ‘Zambia’ performed by Chanda Mbao and Scott as one of the Lusaka Province songs on the album. Check out the music video for ‘Zambia’ below and download the full album on Mvesesani.