Natasha Malama || Biography & Profile



Natasha Malama also known as the Hottest Female Media Personality  and studio wise she is referred to as  Nash Media .  Nash   is a Luapula born  baby specifically from Mansa and she happens to celebrate her birthday on every  14th of  December. The Entertaining  Nash  is a reserved person and the firstborn in the family of two, also a proud  mother of a beautiful 5-year-old daughter (Thumelo). Nash Media originates from a Royal family of Katuta Mpemba Matendeko”s. Among other things  She is a Media Personality, Radio Presenter, Online Tv Stream Presenter, Marketing officer, Entrepreneur, Fashion Model,Talent Promoter, Brand Ambassador,Mc, CEO of Nash Media Cosmetics & Clothing and Nash Media Foundation.

Her kick start of her career as a radio presenter started  in 2017 at Tuta Radio in Mansa. Her inner passion for music inspired her to pursue a career in Media. She withdraws her inspiration from  Her family who pushes her to work extra hard every day.

She used to host the ‘’Evening Ride’’ and the “Shopping basket” on Mafken Fm 97.7. It is at Mafken Radio  were she worked as marketing manager,presenter and program producer.

Nash Media has also worked for Kankoko Kommunity Radio where she  held the position of administrative and marketing manager.

Apart from that the vibrant Nash Media  is  a Grammy award winning radio personality of the year 2022


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