MP7 releases king in the north, G.R.A.N.D responds with “GOD”


After the successive release of Rebelution, an intro to what seems to be a joint project between G.R.A.N.D and DJ Vyr0, the Emcee drops another heavy Hip hop track titled GOD.

In this record G.R.A.N.D addresses the state of Hip Hop as he goes at rappers who he says are better off quitting rap!

In his first verse the rapper strikes with lines like “Know the difference, sympathy support/ sympathy is when your friends pretend to like your music, but deep inside they know you whack you chose the wrong career path, accept it dawg, you not for the job.” He raps.

He then depicts the voice of God on the hook which seemingly expresses God’s anger and disappointment in his creation. The record comes out upon the recent release of ‘king in the north” by Nah Pressure Records rapper MP7.

The record was received with mixed feelings across Hip Hop fans and heads specififially in North Western Solwezi. Most disagreed with his claim of king and a few rappers took to their timeline expressing their displeasure.

Both songs are available for download on this plartform.


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