Malawian Artiste Namadingo To Feature Bobby East


Namadingo! name does ring a bell rite? .Born Malawian but Zambian by loyalty is award winning Malawian artist Patience Namadingo ,full of enthusiasm and playfulness in his art of music is what he is described for. The humorous artiste Namadingo released a hit song early this year about Zambia, the places and Zambian artists (likes of slapdee, Mumba yachi e.t.c) that he excitingly wants to see as he comes to zambia.
Video of the Song went viral on facebook with Zambians welcoming the artiste with love and showing interest in working with him.

Just last week Namadingo confirmed of being in possession of a track which is yet to be realeased featuring Zambia’s very own celebrated Artiste and XYZ CEO Bobby East. Song is said to be a remix of one of Namadingo’s Hitsongs most likely “Musuma” Song that Namadingo wrote about Zambia.

Check what he posted below.


Bobby shared the post and showed mutual appreciation for the collaborative song between Zambia and Malawi.

Check out “Musuma” by Namadingo below.


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