Kronick and Tiye-P Jab Umusepela Chile on Cyphers!



Umusepela Chile is slowly becoming a Household name in the Zambian rap circles and that doesn’t save him from the Controversy. The Headphone Music rapper has become a victim of lyrical attacks on the latest 2 Cyphers released this week. The Cyphers in Question are the M Skills and Dj Mzenga Man2020 End Year Cyphers” respectively.

On “M Skills Cypher”, Punchline rapper “Kronick The Diabolical” aims at him while Tiye-P addresses him subliminally on “Dj Mzenga ManEnd of year Cypher. Despite Umusepela Chile seemingly not having bad blood with Kronick, the rapper went off and discredited the Headphone Music artiste’s rap skill.

Focus Monga Junkie asakile Fwile, I’m on Rap, What the F**K is Umusepela Chile?” The Kafue protégé raps.

Tiye-P on the other hand used the opportunity to address his beef with Umusepela Chile and why he didn’t respond to Checkmate but instead let “Young Twice” handle the beef.

Download “M Skills Cypher” Here