Macky2 Endorses Trinah South after dissing Bombshell, Cleo, Brisky, Tigress & Iris


Trinah South is a female upcoming HipHop artiste whose latest song has taken the industry by storm. The rapper has released a song called “Elevate” on which she threw shots at Established female artists as well as “Socialite Iris Kaingu.

On the song, she mocks “Brisky” for having such a rap name and also claims “Cleo Ice Queen” & “Bomb$hell” rap like they are from taking Whisky. She then goes ahead to tell them to Kiss Her A**s. and later name drops Tigress and Iris Kaingu.

Rapper Na Zina ati Brisky, go against me thats Risky//Ati Ka Bomshell huh Cleo mu rapper monga mwamwa Whisky// Kiss My Ass…” She raps on the song.

The Internet cant get enough of the song with many crediting her. Among prominent Celebs to endorse the song is “Macky 2” who posted it on his Instagram and gave it a wow. (See Below)

While some people think beefing is not good for an upcoming artiste seeking to build a career, the strategy has worked for quit a number of HipHop artists.




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