Macky 2 Talks about His Copper Theft Court Case, Retirement E.t.c


HipHop artiste Macky 2 recently sat down for an Interview on “That Zedpodcast” with Elson and K-Plus during which he talked about his music career and personal life. At the beginning of the Interview, the rapper clarified he is actually actively retiring from making music and venture into management. He also said people were actually praying for Kalandanya Music Promotions’ downfall.

Macky 2 also said the Zambian music industry isn’t lucrative where people can invest and make profit. He further said Mr. Kalandanya was just sponsoring artistes and not really making the label an investment. Macky 2 also revealed he taught himself how to produce music and that’s why his earlier music had bad production quality.

The Alpha Entertainments boss also took time to narrate his 2011 Copper theft case. Macky 2 narrates that the state had 5 witness who testified he committed the crime even though he was performing in Choma on the day the alleged crime was committed. The prosecutor also played “Ndimupondo” song during trial in order to paint his character.

Watch full interview below;



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