Macky 2 Celebrates Crisis’s “Officer In charge”


HipHop artiste and Kopala Swag Boss “Macky 2” took to social media to appreciate and Celebrate legendary “Chisenga” aka “Crisis Mr Swagger” debut album “Officer In Charge“. The classic game changing album marks it’s 14th Anniversary this year since it’s released on 1st January, 2005.

Macky 2 notes and salutes the project for being the first HipHop album to be released in Zambia. He further recalls how difficult it was to accquire physical copies during the first week of it’s released since only 20 copies were printed.

In his Facebook post, Macky 2 also honours “Chisenga” for being the first Zambian Artiste to top Channel O and MTV charts for 6 Weeks. This is not the first time “Macky 2” has paid Homage to the Veteran rapper, in 201 he rapped about “Crisis” still being the “Officer In Charge” on his hit song called “Umupondo”.

Crisis still remains an iconic and veteran rapper for his contribution to the genre in the country. Infact, Many rappers and fans alike regard him as “The godfather of Zambian HipHop”


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