Fate of Our Last General Elections on Music Industry – Concerned Music Fan


The last ended General political elections have left a lot of Zambian artists in a tragic situation.
From my observation i have noticed that a lot of Zambian artists in all industries who took
part in the campaigns for the last ended general elections have almost lost all the respect they had from most of their fans and now they are shamelessly trying to make things up with some new tracks, of which they are flopping.
More especially those who even composed songs supporting a particular political party of their choice ,or should we say ,a political party with their price.

Quiet alright there is nothing wrong in singing or acting in favor of a political party, but the issue is what,and how you sing or act.
If we check the lyrics to songs and speeches which where being done concerning political candidates. We will find that, dis-respective terms were used against political Parties and their leaders, to an extent of mocking and insulting, badly influencing the future of Zambia who are the young ones .which should have not been the case.
These artists where used as spears and other disposable tools used in fighting wars.

They have slowly started to loose the influence they had on people, due to the behavior they portrayed during those moments.
Yes they were getting paid for that, but see what has happened to their music careers, and a disappointment they have become to their fans,Zambian societies and the world at large.

A real artists should always stand on what he or she began with because that is what people accepted him or her for.
These artists showed their fans their true colors and that if more money was given to them they can go more against the Christian nation Zambia stands on.
Big ups to all those artists who maintained their dignity and responsibilities which made them not to receive part of a fame crash from the last ended General elections. And more credit to those who took part of the campaigns as  performing artists with good  Zambian cherished music, which was not made for political use but adopted for commercial use.

Words from pro.c