Lj Mojo Explains Why He did “Moko Moko”



Fast rising Zambian rapper “Lj Mojo” who rose to fame with his “Mutale No” song took some time clarify some Issues behind his recent song titled “Moko Moko”. Since its release, Moko Moko has attracted attention and controversy on social media as the rapper aggressively called out some prominent Zambian rappers on the song.

According to Lj Mojo when he featured on HipHop Eardrum, Moko Moko was basically him telling Zambian rappers to put in effort in their craft because they have been sleeping for too long. He explained that he wasn’t trying to diss anyone on the song as most listeners have put it. The rapper cited that the reason why Zambian HipHop (and music in general) is still behind on the Continent and Globally is because all rappers have been doing the same things and much effort isn’t invested in their music.

On Moko Moko, LJ Mojo name dropped big names in the industry like Chef 187, Slapdee, Macky 2, Bobby East, Jae Cash, Camstar, Krytic etc who he regarded as being “Wack”. However, the Rapper who is signed to Silver Records (a South African Record label) received appraisals from many HipHop heads including rapper “Tiye-P”.

NB: You can download “Moko Moko” by Lj Mojo by searching on our site.