Kings Of The Weekend Livingstone In Pictures


Livingstone City opened its doors to the world after the Covid-19 lockdown with Sebastian Dutch, Chef-187, King Illest and other local artists and dj’s. The event dubbed “The Kings of the Weekend“, lived up to its billing as the three kings in their respective areas brought the whole city of Livingstone to a stand still. Chef’s 187 performance at Flavours Pub and Grill was preceded by Sebastian Dutch’s sizzling plays at water front on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River. The event which was well attended left the organisers, Originals Events in awe at such a huge attendance and they could only promise more of such apart from thanking the locals and those that traveled to make this event a success that it was. Originals Events re-emphasised on the need of supporting such local and indigenous initiatives as they go a long way in promoting the city and offering employment to the locals. The Company reiterated on its open door policy and welcomed any mode of partnership. In the same breath, the company extended its vote of thanks to its partners on the just ended event which included Budweiser, Zamtel and the Movement Magazine.


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