King Illest and Slapdee Reportedly Squashed Beef In Person


HipHop artistes Slapdee and King Illest haven’t been in good terms for sometime with later sending frequent subliminal shots on social media. The inception of the beef is reported to have been after Slapdee couldn’t jump on “Bacheende” by King Illest which ended up featuring Macky 2.

Another Incidence that fueled the feud was the remove of King Illest‘s verse on Mali off “Mother Tongue” album atleast according to “Mwami Wamu Cuundu“. However, on the bright side the duo recently met and but their differences aside.

According to information availed to our Desk by King Illest himself, the duo bumped into each other at traffic lights and decided to talk in person. If all odds play right, they might even one day do a joint together, confirmed King Illest.

King Illest has been at the height of his career the past year with some uprising rappers such as Dizmo and Umusepela Chile sending shots at him among others.


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