Kaddafi Slams Rich Bizzy over ‘Mutobe Ilibwe’ Song!


Misunderstanding has erupted between Dancehall artists “Kaddafi” and “Rich Bizzy” over a song they Collaborated on. The cause of this misunderstanding is that Rich Bizzy has continued to Perform a song called “Mutobe Ilibwe” on which he was featured by Kaddafi.

This has annoyed Kaddafi whose Owns the Exclusive rights to the song. With Frustation, Kaddaffi has decided to give the song to Rich Bizzy and Below is his Statement he sent to our Editorial team;


Hi my friend Rich have sent u a massage because I know u ll be scared to talk to me on phone or to face me.first I want to apologize for the bad words I used to u am sorry for that.I wrote to tell u that.(MY SONG MUTOBE ILIBWE)have given it to u continue playing it like what u are doing trying to deceive people.

u go on stage everyday only to perform my song everyday more than 3time why do u do that??that’s my blood and sweat. You are stealing from me even last week in Nakonde were I was supposed to go and play same venue u went and sang my song twice on stage I could here u repeat my song in the background while talking to my promoter who was supposed to host me there on Tuesday General kangwa called me he was in show grounds at night to tell me mwaice am at the function we are expecting u but there’s this guy who’s playing yo song here.u might think u are clever but there’s a person who’s more clever than all of us,and that’s my God Jehova God of Israel.

So for stealing from me I forgive u my dear friend and have given u my song MUTOBEILIBWE continue playing it.fell free even when u meet just be free.mark 2,chef,chester,jk just to mention but a few.these guys have featured in omost have of the most happening songs in Zambia but have not seen the go on stage and start singing the songs they featured 3,4 times everyday on stage no.featuring dose not give u the rights to do that. But anyway its yo song now.all the best in your career my dear friend God see u through thank you


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