Iris Kaingu and PR Girl Media’s Public Relations Roast Each other On Twitter!


There was drama during the early hours of today’s Morning on Twitter as beef got Ignited Between Iris Kaingu and Chishimba Nyambe who is PR Girl Media’s Public Relations.

The force behind PR GIRL Media’s luxurious events, Chishimba Nyambe and Zambia’s famous socialite – Iris Kaingu blasted each other on twitter, intensively.

In some of the tweets, Miss Nyambe boasted to have all the money that might be needed to make a heaven on earth for Iris Kaingu, while Iris boasted to have all the looks that Miss Nyambe might need in order tofind herself a man. The entire convo was filled with nothing but self-praise of each other’s capabilities and disrespect of each other’s inabilities.

Looking back to less than a month ago, Iris Kaingu was an headlining act at a PR GIRL Media event – The Penthouse Party at the newly launched Sun Share Tower Building on Katimamulilo Road near Radisson Blu Hotel and this collision was the least expected.

However it Seems Iris Kaingu had a fair share of Victory as almost everyone including Celebrities like Slapdee and Jay Rox were on her side.

Article Credit: Zambian Moments Facebook Page


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