Immortal Czar Goes For Kafue Rappers..


A protestation that could have been left with  nothing but only water under the bridge as surprisingly escalated to a certain new level, adding nothing but fuel to the fire.

lately an infamous grudge between two skilled and talented entertainment acts Smaq and Kronick the Diabolic took place on social media.Everything got sparked up  when Kronic  being a controversial rapper he his known for  went savage on his once was friend Smaq,

Smaq had the guts to let all issues slide but that’s something his talented and skilled  friend Immortal Czar  had and to that he metaphorically addressed the issue with lines on his latest single saying “Directions Mwaluba Ngabalya Ama Rapper Baku Kafue” implying that a certain group of rappers in Kafue lost their Direction.

That Punchline addressing Kafue rappers did not sit well with Kronic  and some other  rappers based in Kafue and to that effect a group of certain rappers in kafue  took offense threatening nothing but ready for war with Immortal Czar.

Kafue Based influential artistes  Pois The Poet and Kronick The Diabolic took to social media firing a warning to immortal Czar alerting him that Kafue based rappers are fully  equipped for war.

What unfolds after will be a story ZedHypeMag Team will be ready to tell ..

You can download Immortal Czar’s latest track featuring Smaq and Teqnikal below.

On My Way Download


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