Video: Benas (B-Money) Slams K’Chinga, Iris Kaingu & Zambezi Magic


Former Zambezi Magic TV’s “Zed Top 10” show Presenter “Benas Banda” aka “B-Money” hours ago made waves on the internet. The TV personality blasted K’Chinga, Zambezi Magic and Iris Kaingu among others in a Video he made for his New Internet show he calls “7 Days a Week’.

He attacked rapper “K’Chinga” for stealing his show and replacing him as Presenter. The worst part was that K’Chinga was the last Guest he hosted on the Show “Zed Top 10” after which he received a call that he was “Fired”. In his portrayed Vengeance against “K’Chinga’ and Zambezi Magic TV, Benas Blasted them for Including Iris Kaingu in the new show trailer citing that the socialist wasn’t a Musician and thus they are using her to gain Numbers.

He also openly called “Iris Kaingu” a Pornstar whose Video has over 1.3 Million Views on, the number which is close the population of Lusaka (1.7 Million people). The TV personality went on to fire shots at Painter “Caleb Chisha” and accused him of gaining fortune fame after Painter Iris.

Watch Full Video clip of Benas B-Money Blasting Iris, K’chinga and others below.




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