E-Jay’s Zed Rap High School Might Be The Most Creative HipHop Song This Year


New Comer Zambian HipHop artiste E-Jay has displayed his maximum creativity on his latest single Titled “ Zed Rap High School”. The rapper who calls himself “One Man Army” depicts Zambian rap Industry as an Industry where every rapper has Role.

Among the rappers mentioned on the song are Cleo Ice Queen who he says would be the Head Girl. “Zed Rap Sembe yenze High school Headmaster Slapdee, elo Deputy Macky 2//Ruff Kid HOD same Che na Tommy D’’ He raps at the beginning of the song. The rapper goes on rapping spitting some unfriendly bars ‘‘Nga Ni Muzo ma Prefects Banalema Kuchaya Punish/Mulandu otukana and he never speaks English…..” He says Grade 10s would be Zone Fam, Urban Hype, Koby, Drifta among other. Willz would be a cadet while K-Star and KRYTIC would work in a tuck-shop because vitumbuwa Business Doesn’t have much profit.

The “AYTEE” Low tempo Song only gives the rapper enough to showcase his skills. The Delivery and Creativity in this song makes it one of the Hottest HipHop songs in Zambia at the moment. It seems New comers are bringing more life to Zed Hiphop.Download the Song below;