Chef 187 Prepares Sharwama and admits Slapdee-Macky 2 Beef was His Breakthrough On the Roof-Top


Chef 187” recently featured on Ken One’s Latest Episodes of “The Roof Top” ZNBC TV show where he narrated about his Music Journey. During the interview, the emcee admits to have had his breakthrough after Featuring on “Am Zambian HipHop” (Slapdee diss) by Macky 2. The rapper says he only took part in the beef because he felt like he was representing his Kopala Swag Clique. Chef 187 also added on that having a Big Brother (Macky 2) in the game has positively contributed to the success of his music career.

When asked if he is better than “Macky 2”, “Chef 187” says he can’t really determine that because he believes the only competition is actually himself. Chef 187 also went ahead to admit he is dating but couldn’t reveal the name of his Girlfriend.

As the norm of the Show to Challenge any Hosted Artiste to a Challenge, “Chef 187” was challenged to prepare “Sharwama.”

Chef 187 believes Amnesia was more like a movement and there is no way any album Like Slapdee’s BW2 would destabilize it. The rooftop” show was wrapped up by Chef 187 rapping “Wala-Wala” Live on guitar string sound.

Stream full Episode below;