Destro |Biography & Profile


Dexter Chisenga Dumisani Fundanga” popularly known as Destro is one of Zambia’s celebrated poets and fast rising gospel rappers. He was born on 3rd march 1995, as an only child.

Destro attended primary education at Sonshine primary school and secondary education at Matero boys secondary school, he is currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Media and Communication studies at the University of Zambia.

He was introduced to rap by his uncle who made him listen legendary American rapper Tupac at the age of four. He later started doing poetry and rap battles. It was during one of those rap battles where he was given the name ‘Destro’ which meant the destroyer because he defeated everybody he battled with during the rap battles.

He released his first mixtape in 2014, and then launched his first album this year (2018) called “Politically Correct“. He has performed in various places across the country and also South Africa. Destro has done songs like Mulomo, Mother Zambia, Can I provoke you and many others

Apart from doing his own music Destro has been supporting other artists in the industry, he was part of Jay Rox and Mutale Kapaso’s albums.

Aside from music and poetry Destro is a Master of ceremony, copy writer, events coordinator, social media manager, voice over artist and media consultant.



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