Review: S32 “Itel’s New High Mobile Tech Monster”


Itel Mobile is now an outstanding Mobile Brand Delivering Exceptional and High Quality affordable Mobile Phones in Africa and Globally. The Chinese company which clocked 10 years of Existence this year unveiled a Brand New Mobile Edition called “S32”.

Designed with amazing features, the Dual Mobile Phone offers users with a variety unique and amazing features. S32 Features:

  1. Dual Selfie Camera Lens
  2. 5” 2.5D Curved HD IPS Display
  3. Rear Fingerprint Sensor
  4. Dual Selfie Camera
  5. 8.0 MP Rear back Camera
  6. 16 GB Internal Memory (ROM)
  7. 1 GB Ram
  8. 3 GHZ Processor

S32 “The Real Feel of 21st Century Mobile Tech

Phones out of Chinese companies often look too much like other, more famous phones, most commonly iPhones, but the New S32 is a stand-alone brand.  Its design is distinct, thanks mainly to it being kind of fat — it’s a wide phone, but that’s a good thing. It helps the phone user feel different, and its extra surface area makes it less flimsy than other phones.

S32 adopts the full lamination technology which integrates both the touch unit and the protective glass and there are no air gaps in between which helps enhances the screen clarity by eliminating the light refractions. You will also get richer colors and better contrasts with the IPS display.

Battery Life

This Mobile Phone has a strong 3000mAh battery with a long Batter life. Under heavy usage, the battery lasts for 8hrs and 24 Hours when under normal usage.

Sound Quality

The Phone produces a heavy sound making the user enjoy playing their favorite music without using Headsets. The quality of Sound from the Speakers is not noisy and high pitched but rather balanced and of normal loudness.

The Ram, Processor and ROM

This is a complete upgrade for Itel Mobile as this phone is made with a Bigger Processor of 1.3GHZ (Quad Core) and Ram of 1 GB. This allows the user to Multi-function without the Phone Freezing. In this era where enough internal storage capacity is really of high demand to every phone user, Itel S32 Smartphone is made with a 16 G (ROM) making it provide ultimate satisfaction to its users.

Security and Reliability

The S32 Mobile smartphone offers users with optimum security with its High class Security “Fingerprint” censor Feature. The rear mounted fingerprint sensor helps get unlocked or take photo pretty easily, as your finger is always on that spot while holding your phone.

Camera and Picture Quality

The other amazing feature of Itel S32 are the Lens of 86 degrees and 63 Degrees respectively. Compared with the general camera lens, the 86 degree wide-angel lens can fit more people into the frame, which is very useful when friends get together. You never need to use a selfie stick again

The 8.0MP rear camera and the available live filters work together to capture every special moment with details. With one simple touch, you can share the picture you just taken to the social media quickly.

The dual camera phone also allows users capture “Wide Selfies”, with multiple People at angle of 120. The Phone graphics are generally exceptional. The flat portable S32 Mobile Phone has a battery which lasts for 24hrs under normal Usage and 8 hours under Heavy usage. The Mobile Phone is full of surprises has a special photography effect called “Blurred Background effect”. This effect basically allows you to highlight people in portrait photos like a professional photographer. Other amazing features include App Lock, One Hand mode.

The 63 degree portrait lens can help you snap a square selfie without distortion or loss of quality. With this square photo, you can change your Facebook or WhatsApp profile picture fast without cropping.

Recommendation and Rating

Itel Mobile has continued to beat both demand and competition and if you’re looking for a Mobile Smartphone to satisfy your Phone need, then S32 is definitely the answer. The Phone is strongly reliable, very affordable and offers its users with a Variety of amazing features. The smartphone comes in 3 distinct Colors which are light blue, Clax and elegant black respectively. We therefore recommend this phone to every High Tech Mobile Phone Lover and rate it as below!