Cops Bust Mumba Yachi



The Department of Immigration has arrested Shadrick Chite Mukenge (31), a Congolese musician popularly known as Mumba Yachi, for knowingly making representations he knew to be false for the purpose of obtaining a Green Zambian National Registration Card (NRC) number 405730/10/1 and a Zambian Passport number ZN 550035, contrary to section 13(1) (c) of the National Registration Act and section 23 (1) (a) of the Passports Act, 2016 of the Laws of Zambia, respectively.

The suspect was on 9th May, 2017 intercepted by Officers at Chirundu Border Control when he attempted to enter Zambia using the Zambian Passport number ZN 550035 bearing the names Shadrick Mumba. He also had in his possession the Green NRC number 405730/10/1 also bearing the same names.

He was handed over to Immigration Headquarters on the same day, where a statement was recorded from him, in which he said he was a Zambian, a position which he later withdrew in another statement recoded on 28th August, 2017, where he admitted to being a Congolese national. He is currently detained at Lusaka Central Correctional Facility pending Court appearance.

Namati H. Nshinka (Mr)


Source: Muvi TV