“Bobby East’s Enemies Are Not My Enemies” Says Nez Long



Van Damme” and now “So Che” hitmaker, Nez Long, has revealed how he does not share enemies with his friends, including his best friend Bobby East.

Speaking on a Diamond TV On The Table interview with Chimweka, Nez Long was quoted saying “I do not inherit enemies, neither ain’t I loyal to my mates” adding that any grievances his friends have with others is solely between them and should therefore not be implicated.

And when asked by Chimweka on his plans for 2019, Nez Long announced that he plans on giving Bobby East “hell” after having a phenomenal 2018. He also mentioned that as friends they do motivate and encourage each other to work hard, citing a situation of friendly competition.

Watch the interview here:

– Bobby East's Best Friend (Nez Long aka Mr. Van Damme) talks about him not inhereting Bobby's enemies.- SmaQ "Lord…

Posted by Diamond TV Zambia on Monday, January 21, 2019