Chuzhe Int Subs Chef 187 For His Legal Action Threat


Hours after Award winning rapper “Chef 187″ threatened Chuzhe Int with legal action for performing his song on TV, the Copperbelt protege has decided to hit back with a Subliminal. Chuzhe Int was filmed performing “Coordinate” by Chef 187 on ZNBC’s “Youth Zone” show and the Numero Uno wasn’t happy about it.

Chef 187 later wen’t on caution him about the legal consequences of copyright infringement via Tweet but Chuzhe Int couldn’t hold back and sent a Subliminal tweet. The “Conductor Fipenye” hitmaker sent a shady Tweet with a caption “Wrong Role Model” which is a sub at the Alpha Entertainments rapper.

The caption which is also Chef 187‘s apparent Nickname might be Chuzhe Int calling him his “Wrong Role Model” since its obvious he looks up to him.