Chef 187 Seemingly Threatens Chuzhe Int with Legal Action for Performing ‘Coordinate’



After having a Glamorous Bridal Shower for his fiancé “Yolanda Kayanda” rapper “Chef 187” yesterday evening threatened Chuzhe Int for performing his song “Coordinate”. The rapper  went off cautioning the Copperbelt rising star on Twitter.

In the Tweet Chef 187 posted a video of rapper Chuzhe Int appearing to be performing his hit song Coordinate on ZNBC’s Y-Zone show. This is off course is deemed as copyright infringement as the Copperbelt protégé didn’t seek permission from Mr. Kondwani Kaira.

The Alpha Entertainments heavyweight cautioned Chuzhe Int that his Legal team from “Lj Michaels” will contact him for questioning. We can’t establish the extent to which this legal confrontation would go but it seems Chef 187 wasn’t joking.

Coordinate” is one of Chef 187’s lead singles off his previous album “Bon Appetit”. The song features Nigerian artiste “Skales” and went on to become commercially successful locally upon its release last year.