Chef 187 Brushes off “Kwacha Music Awards”


Multi-award winning rapper and Music ace “Chef 187” says Kwacha Music Award organizers are using the show for their selfish gain. The rapper who has opposed and boycotted this year’a “Kwacha Music awards Edition” responded to a fan’s question on Twitter who wondered why the Kopala Rapper was portrayed as a nominee despite withdrawing from the awards.

In his response, the “Numero Uno” blasted the show organizers. Chef 187 first acknowledged the question would have been best answered by award organizers but nonetheless couldn’t help but share his own personal opinion. He further added the organizers were misleading people into voting for an artiste who had withdrawn.

This year’s Edition of “Kwacha Music Awards” has suffered backlash from its nominees. The award show has been heavily criticized for its poor structure.


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