Bobby East Adds Salt On Benas’s Wound


What was nothing more but a skirmish disagreement between XYZ CEO Bobby East and former Zed Top Ten Presenter Benas Banda seems to be escalating on a daily Basis, See origin of the Story HERE.

Benas has been tweeting and firing shots at the rapper including sharing a video calling Bobby an Emotional “Donkey” Ninja (In all politeness for our readers).

Also Benas took time to criticize Bobby East‘s contentment for being unlocked for #castlitelocks with Post Malone.

The Psycho Bae Hit-maker shared a photo on twitter with Benas‘s other favorite enemy Mr 260 Kachinga who is the current Presenter of Zed Top Ten. The rapper shared a picture with Kachinga boarding a flight to Johannesburg for #CastleLiteunlocks.

One thing certain that gets under Benas‘s skin is the topic concerning his loss of job at Multi Choice and Mr Vanilla sharing that picture with Kachinga was a subliminal way of pressing where it hurts the most



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