Bobby East Threatens to beat up Benas Banda amid Twitter Beef!


What started as just a verbal altercation now seems to be getting personal after Bobby East threatened to beat up Benas Banda. The twitter feud started after the XYZ rapper sent a subliminal which was directed at Benas Banda.

In response Benas Banda had a more direct jab at Bobby East for begging Cassper Nyovest a feature Via Social Media. This led to Bobby East defending his act and cited that Davido also publicly asked Migos for a feature at BET Awards in 2012 despite having hits like “Dami Duro” back in the continent.

The Twitter exchange continued as they went back and forth. However, Benas Banda felt Bobby East shouldn’t have brought the issue of losing his job at Zambezi Magic as he felt it was personal. In the same tweet (see below) Benas Banda also threatened to bring up “Bobby East’s past.

The response later made Bobby East furious and hence threatened to beat Benas Banda. He further warned him not to take his calm outward bearing for granted.

Benas Banda couldn’t also back down and tweeted he is ready for any smoke!



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