Biography: Big 40


Born on 30th January, 1998 Mulenga Nswaswa aka Big 40 always had the dream to became a professional musician and by the age 16, the Youngster started seriously chasing his dream. The Multi-talented Youngster who triples as a Rapper, singer and Producer was born in Kasama, Northen Province of Zambia,

Big 40 started music at 16 years old while in High school in Mumbwa. By the time he graduated from High school, his hard work earned him an opportunity to work at Fresh Farm Records owned by Mozy G, in Choma where he Produces and records too.

His passion for Music started at a tender age and by the time he was 8 years old, Big 40 would sing in the choir for Evangelical Church in Zambia. Before he could record his first song, Big 40’s elder brother wouldn’t let him touch the microphone because he was still in high school. One day, the Youngster decided to steal his elder brother’s made beat and recorded himself to it in sitting room, the record which later on convinced his elder brother that he was made for the Music. After proving himself, his elder bother decided to feature him on a song called “Lesa Muweme”. With the help of his elder brother, Big 40 released his first song called “Mwana Wange” featuring “Rulnex” in 2015

He later on released his successful singles such as “Show Your Money”, “Shumba Bokosi” and “Chaba Nayo”. Being His influenced by Producer and Dancehall artiste “T-Sean”, Big 40 hopes to penetrate the globe with his music and put Zambian Music on the map. He hopes to start his own record label and help Young talented artists who can’t afford to pay for studio time.


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