Kay on Enrolling at Uni & What Chanda thinks about School!



Kay of the Hottest music duo “Chanda Na Kay” was announced to have enrolled at Cavendish University yesterday and the news broke social media lose. In an Interview with Dj Showstar, Kay details his well thought move and what led to it.

According to Kay, it was his intention to pursue Textiary Education but couldn’t back then because of lack of funds and he figured out it was now the right time considering the money started coming in. When asked if the music gigs and shows wont distract him, the artiste said he will only be performing on weekends and focus on his studies during weekdays.

He also emphasized that his buddy Chanda might not take the same path as ambitions differ. In fact, he never disclosed his school motives to him (Chanda) and the news might have also caught him by surprise.

Kay will be studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Economics at Cavendish University and the program is 4 years.