Benas Banda Hits back after Bobby East Sent him a ‘Sub’ On Twitter!


Former Zed Top 10 Presenter on Zambezi MagicBenas Banda” aka “B-Money” today lashed out at Bobby East on Twitter. B-Money slammed the XYZ Entertainments CEO for publicly begging for a feature from Cassper Nyovest on Twitter. (Read Article)

Benas highlighted that Bobby East is a big star in this country and hence it’s unacceptable for his to beg for a feature. He also emphasized Bobby East actually went mainstream before Cassper Nyovest. Instead of reaching out via Twitter Bobby East could have just paid for a feature and seal a deal. See tweet below.

Benas Banda was responding to a subliminal by Bobby East which was apparently directed at him. In the sub tweet, Bobby East trashes Benas Banda for trying to offer advice and criticism to artistes who are successful at their job when he couldn’t keep his job at Zambezi Magic. Benas Banda lost his Job at Zambezi Magic in 2017 and was immediately replaced by “K-Chinga”. Since then the Social Media critic has been going after both K-Chinga and his former Employ with shots online.



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