Zanda Ilinganize |Biography & Profile

Zanda Ilinganize is a Zambian artist born as Joseph Mulenga. He coined his stage name Zanda Ilinganize from his uncle’s name Ilunga which he first used as Ilunganize then later changed it to Ilinganize. He grew up dancing and miming to music it was from there that around 2006 people started encouraging him to venture into music because he seemed really talented. He drew inspiration from artists like Sean Paul and R.Kelly, hence decided to do the similar kind of music with a Zambian touch to it.
Zanda describes his music as a communication tool that is always trying to preach a certain message and generally his message is based on love. He has done songs like Epotwafuma, Twali Bonse, Ngawaya, Akale among others. Zanda has worked with big names in the industry like Petersen zagaze, General Kanene, Yoram, Boyd Sage etc.
For 2020 he intends to release more music in different genres so as to Carter for different groups of music lovers he also intends to do some massive collaborations.