Zambian Musicians Have A Bad Name In Naija & S.A, Says CHANDA MBAO .


As one of Zambia’s most traveled artists at the moment, “Chanda Mbao” is certainly growing his international networks and putting Zambia on the map.

Unfortunately, he has suffered a few setbacks that mostly have to do with the unfortunate encounters some of the people in Nigeria and South Africa have had with some Zambian artistes.

Speaking during a Diamond TV On The Table” interview with Chimweka, Chanda Mbao without mentioning any names expressed how some Zambian artistes have left a record of unprofessionalism in the named countries and it is somehow difficult to work with them, considering the perception they have of the artists here not showing up or responding to important commitments.

The “My Town” and “Selfish” hit maker further urged Zambian artists to change this perception as he personally plans on doing so.

Chanda Mbao also teased about his “Bigger Wave” campaign which is still on going and yet to be revealed as well as his upcoming collaboration with renowned producer based in South Africa Gemini Major behind hits such as “Ragga Ragga“.