Zambian Model & Artiste launches a Mental Health Podcast



Mental health and anxiety have many a time been disregarded, especially in teenagers. It is often brushed aside as teens just being “hormonal” or “moody”, society fails to understand that people reflect predominant thoughts about themselves through the way they respond to certain situations and the way they carry themselves. Many people emphasize the importance of mental health but never really make a move to do anything about it. Well this changes now.

Having had mental health issues and anxiety as a teenager, Kukeng’a Mubita a 22 year old model and artist born and raised in Kalulushi Zambia now based in South Africa has begun building awareness about issues related to mental health suppressed by our black communities. As someone who’s been through the pain and frustration of anxiety he understands the importance of discussing these issues.

Fruit of the mind is a live podcast hosted by Kukeng’a with the purpose of reaching out to people struggling with mental health and letting them know they are not alone. So many people acknowledge the fact that they need help but never get it which is due to the fact that people do not open up easily or they are overshadowed. This podcast will express factors such as environment and upbringing and how they contribute to mental health. The aim of the undertaking is to expound self-awareness, self-acceptance and most importantly self-love.

If you at all struggle with anxiety or know someone who does keep an eye out for this podcast, you do not want to miss this. It airs this month on YouTube and Facebook