Yvonne Mwale and Slapdee making an impact with “Uka Ukalilele?”

Some three weeks after it’s inital release on Zambian radio stations, Yvonne Mwale´s “Uka Ukalilele?” has gained massive attention in Zambia and beyond the borders of Zambia. On many radio stations, the collaboration entered the airplay charts right away
The publicly much discussed feature with Slapdee came as a surprise since the Ngoma Award winner, currently based in Germany, was known in the past for a different style of music but shows what is possible, when two massive talents are meeting. “I’m not planing to give up the style of music that made me going far outside Zambia. But as a true lover of music I wanted to prove how different style of music can be joined. As an artist, I’m open to many kinds of music and I’m really happy how well my latest singles are received in Zambia!” says Yvonne in an statement.
The message of “Uka Ukalilele?” is a clear statement in support of all women who stand strong and are working hard to support themselves.


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