Xsiq IQ Reportedly Working on ‘Lj Mojo’ Diss Track



So Good Entertainments HipHop artiste and 2wo 1ne emcee “Xsiq IQ” is reportedly in the studio Working on a diss track aimed at Lj Mojo. The song in the pipeline will be a response track to Lj Mojo‘s “Deadline Freestyle” which dropped few days ago.

Lj Mojo took shots at both Bobby East and Xsiq IQ on the record as a response to both Rappers’ diss lines on “Bwetu Bwetu” and “Mufasa” respectively. It is not yet certain when Xsiq IQ will drop his record but So Good Entertainments label head “Evans Kabesha” confirmed it’s definitely coming.

Former HipHop Eardrum Radio show presenter “Sanga Tembo” also earlier today confirmed on his Facebook account to have witnessed the rapper recording. Many fans consider HipHop beefs as a cardinal Element of the genre and it seems 2019 will be good and competitive year for Zambian HipHop.

Bobby East on the other hand seem to have paid a deaf ear to Lj Mojo‘s diss track as no reaction has been made so far. Hence the chances of him replying still remain very slim.