Wikimedia Zambia Recognized as Official Country User group

Wiki Loves Africa In Zambia 2019

In a significant development in the world of open knowledge and global collaboration. On November 2, 2023, the Wikimedia Community User Group Zambia made an official announcement on LinkedIn. As of October 17, 2023, they have received official recognition as a Wikimedia User Group for a renewable one-year period. This recognition is a substantial achievement in their mission to promote the Wikimedia Foundation and its projects within Zambia.

The scope of this user group, as outlined on their meta page, revolves around promoting and facilitating the collection, development, and dissemination of knowledge, educational, cultural, and historic content in the public domain or under licenses that allow free use, distribution, and modification without the payment of royalties.

Isaac Chabota Kanguya, also known as User:Icem4k and one of the co-founding members of the User Group, expressed his delight at this announcement. He emphasized that this recognition underlines their dedication to advancing open knowledge and supporting Wikimedia projects, particularly in Zambia.

This recognition is in line with the global mission of the Wikimedia Foundation, which aims to empower individuals to collect, create, and share open knowledge and educational content for the benefit of all. By establishing user groups in various regions, the Wikimedia Foundation nurtures local initiatives to promote the values and goals of the Wikimedia movement.

The dedicated efforts of the Wikimedia Community User Group Zambia to contribute to Wikimedia projects and facilitate access to free, reliable, and comprehensive information have led to this significant recognition. It grants them access to valuable resources, support, and connections with the global Wikimedia community, enhancing their ability to promote open knowledge within their region.

This recognition is not just an achievement for the Wikimedia Community User Group Zambia; it’s a celebration of the power of collaboration and the imperative of making knowledge accessible to all, regardless of geographical boundaries. It signifies Wikimedia’s global expansion and its dedication to serving communities worldwide. This recognition serves as a call to action for all who value open knowledge and the unrestricted sharing of information. We look forward to a promising future of collaborative efforts and open knowledge dissemination.



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