Wiki Loves Earth Returns to Zambia: ‘Celebrating Breathtaking Natural Beauty’


In an effort to showcase the awe-inspiring natural landscapes of countries around the world, Zambia is gearing up to host the highly anticipated second edition of Wiki Loves Earth, an esteemed global photography competition. Building on the resounding success of its inaugural event, which drew in a remarkable 217 exceptional entries, the Wikimedia User Group Zambia (WUGZA) is once again spearheading this initiative.

Stepping into the role of Project Leader is none other than Chabota Kanguya, a prominent figure and coordinator of the Wikimedia User Group Zambia. With an unwavering dedication to the preservation of Zambia’s cultural and natural heritage, Kanguya has played a pivotal role in bringing this prestigious event back to the nation for a second time. Under his guidance, the competition is set to offer an enriching experience for participants and onlookers alike. Kanguya expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We’re absolutely thrilled to witness the magnificent wonders of Zambia through the lenses of our exceptionally talented photographers. Our hope is that this contest will inspire more people to visit and protect our invaluable natural heritage.”

Returning as the Head Judge is the highly esteemed Jason Mulikita, a renowned photographer and the visionary behind Chalo Chatu, a Zambian online English-language wiki-based free encyclopedia. With an unparalleled knack for capturing the very essence of Zambia’s landscapes and an unyielding commitment to preserving and promoting free knowledge, Mulikita is the perfect candidate for this esteemed position. As an influential figure within the Zambian photography community, Mulikita’s discerning eye and extensive knowledge of the nation’s natural beauty will ensure fair and impartial judgment throughout the competition.

Wiki Loves Earth Zambia 2023 promises to reward winners with an array of prizes, including an impressive top prize of ZMW 6000. Additionally, in recognition of the value of every contribution, the organizers have established a ZMW 2000 prize for the last position, encouraging participation from photographers of all skill levels. These enticing prizes not only serve as incentives but also underscore the importance of celebrating and safeguarding Zambia’s rich biodiversity. The competition is scheduled to run from June 1st to June 30th, 2023.

2022 1st Prize: Yellow Baboon baby (Papio cynocephalus) – South Luangwa National Park by User:Snowmanstudios
2022 1st Prize: Yellow Baboon baby (Papio cynocephalus) – South Luangwa National Park by User:Snowmanstudios

The Wikimedia Community User Group Zambia (WUGZA) stands as an active and dedicated community of passionate volunteers in Zambia who share an unwavering commitment to disseminating knowledge and information through various Wikimedia projects. WUGZA‘s primary objectives revolve around organizing and participating in a diverse range of outreach activities, including edit-a-thons and workshops, all aimed at fostering the creation and enhancement of Wikimedia content within Zambia. Through their collaborative efforts, WUGZA aims to nurture a sense of community and shine a spotlight on the value of open knowledge sharing across the nation.

2nd Prize: Picture of the Victoria falls bridge Livingstone by User:Give-g

Wiki Loves Earth 2023 is set to be an exceptional platform for showcasing the natural splendor of Zambia, capturing the diverse landscapes of the nation while raising awareness about the paramount importance of preserving these invaluable resources. The competition not only offers photographers a platform to exhibit their talents but also serves as a call for the global community to appreciate the unique wonders of Zambia’s environment. As anticipation reaches a fever pitch, participants and nature enthusiasts eagerly await the commencement of this remarkable event, poised to capture the unrivaled beauty of Zambia’s earth and contribute to the global Wikimedia movement.

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