We want the full Zone Fam squad.



Nothing was meant to last forever.
It has indeed pained  Zambian music followers to see one of our biggest hopes for Zambian music industry to penetrate the international scene, gone and slowly being forgotten.
These four where one of our biggest bride.

The introduction of Zone Fam to our entertainment industry was amazing because they proved that music can be easily known world wide as long as good advertisement and image is belt.To them it was not just music but entertainment also not forgetting poetry and un compared attitude.
To day we listen to their music with an image of four young handsome men, with so much passion and talent. They where the first to get massive international recognition awards. Their collaborations where up to that standard. We saw Zone Fam coming and unfortunately going also.

Today all we hear is individual songs from them which are good but would have been better if they where done by the four gentle men we all knew. That’s what we want to see and listen.We hope they will come back
together and make the music that suits them again.
come back zone farm.