Video: D Drex -“The Come Up” (Prod by Tigo Click & Dj Vyro)

Northwestern province has been underrated and it being the least developed province in Zambia it has been over shadowed in the music industry and currently has no well-established artist representing the province.
This has not been a barrier for the young Producer, song writer and artists Johnson Mwandila Aka D-Drex (and also Dj Vyro when behind the desk) winner of the other Half of the 2017 Kwacha music Northwestern category award scooped by  Hashtag Duo .
Just two weeks after losing his battle to Wali at the radio 4 ear drum with Sanga Tembo judged by Cream dollar (link to the battle Wali vs Dj Vyro ), D-Drex has bounced back with his latest single ‘The come Up’ produced by Tigo click and Himself, the song talks about the struggle up coming artist face in Northwestern province and Zambia at large. Cream dollar’s final remarks concerning the battle was that D Drex had a lot of work to do and needs to stick to vernacular which clearly showed that from his point of view D Drex is not a good English rapper, but this music video disputes with Cream Dollar’s remarks over the rapper and and its only wise that Cream Dollar revisits his rap sense because this is one talented young rapper. lines  like “am definite dumb down a little for the dumbest to get it,so i add a bit vernacular to add more credit”  subliminally  attacks  the famous beat maker Cream Dollar.
There is more to come from D-Drex.