Tommy D Calls Slapdee a Snitch


Veteran HipHop artiste Tommy D yesterday jumped into Facebook Social media Drama going on between XYZ Entertainments artists after Dj H-Mac & Koby left the label. Tommy D who is Slapdee’s longtime buddy decided to lash out at his peer and the label’s found.

In a short Facebook post, Tommy D told off Slapdee to ‘stop snitching‘. He however didn’t provide much context to the post but fans assumed it was all about the drama at XYZ Entertainments. Slapdee promised to issue a statement this week but he hasn’t yet.

Several artists at the label have been trading some social media jabs after the departure of the 2 top artists. Slapdee himself came of with a subliminal which results into fans swarming and trashing him.