Tiye-P Writes An Open Letter To Vodafone


Controversial HipHop artiste “Tiye-P” has become the latest rapper to join “Bobby East” in the social media lobby to Perform at the forthcoming “All Out 4 HipHop“. In his long facebook post, the rapper claims he is among the Top 3 Zambian rappers and shouldn’t be left out. Below is the Full Letter!

Hi Vodafone – JUMP

I will just pick this up from where Robert Chunga left off.

It would be an untrue satement to say you do not know who TiyeP is.I have dropped all hiphop records since day 1,street anthems,catchy sing alongs back to back.not rhumba,kalindula or kwaito but hiphop.

Right now one cant mention top 3 HipHop artists in zambia without mentioning TiyeP,if that person does mention 3 hiphop artists and am not on their list ninshi chipubafye.that same fool will be the first to comment here…

So how did i not get me a slot at a show dubbed Going all out for HipHop?? Not to take anything away from my brothers Chef and Slap Dee but if we talking going all out for HipHop.in my opinion the list of headliners and openers would have looked something like this…


Hosted by Macky2 and Slap Dee(can explain why if you call me)

Openers list,new school and obviously the future.

1.King Illest
3.Trippy Yippy
4.ED Empire
5.The Fake

Second set to rep women in music…

1.Cleo Ice Queen
4.Brisky (Maybe)

3rd set is something i would call A REWIND FOR OUR OWN

1.Masta Flow

Now thats how you go all out for your own,not this favouritism being exercised here. Come on now!!!

Let me also share with you that with or without a slot,i will embarass myself,take insults from shallow minded people and i will sock in the negative energy thrown at me .ALL THIS I WILL DO FOR HIP-HOP AND I PROMISE YOU I WILL DIE FOR HIP-HOP.

To close this,all those that want to come here and leave stupid comments.be reminded that Shumba is trending you can take your nonsense there,this is serious business.We outchea grinding!!