Some Top Expensive Rappers To Feature and Their Price Tags



These Days getting a Top Zambian Rapper on verse is every upcoming artiste’s Dream. While this method might not sky rocket an artiste’s dream on reaching the limelight, it ads merit to his career. The Prices below vary with different conditions but they still remain standards charged by different rappers.

  1. Slapdee Charges a Minimum of K2000.00 making the Most Expensive rapper an artiste could feature. Apparently, this explains why he is rarely on upcoming artistes song despite being the Most Successive rapper in Zambia.
  2. Chef 187 Charges a Minimum of K1, 500.00. The Numero uno has become every artiste’s target for a Feature. With a reasonable price tag, Chef 187 continues to enjoy enormous invites on songs by Upcoming artistes.
  3. Bobby East Charges a Minimum of K1000.00.
  4. Jae Cash charges a Minimum of K500.00. This apparently explains why he is the most featured artiste by upcoming musicians.