Slapdee teases New album plus Macky 2 Collabo



Multi-award winning HipHop artiste “Slapdee” says he will be releasing a single which features Macky 2 tomorrow. The XYZ Entertainments front-liner who made the announcement during a Facebook live feed also says he has more music in the vault.

At the beginning of the live feed, the rapper first trolled he was quitting music citing personal reasons and pressure. He later trashed the talk and emphasized he will never stop making music. He also went on to announce he might even drop an album next week and used the same opportunity to preview his latest single called “Tizibane” which features real Dizmo and Brawen.

He has since put out the “Tizibane” single and the long awaited music video for “The Realest” which was shot in New York last year. Although the title of the Macky 2 feature song still remains undisclosed, the project might make it on the album.