Slapdee talks about the Negative Impact of Internet Trolls & Album Sales


HipHop mogul Slapdee today (2/2/21) featured on Power FM for an Interview on which he talked about a number of Issues. The rapper addressed the negative impact of Internet trolls on the Industry and the selling of Zambian music.

In his own words, Slapdee said Internet Trolls are emotionally affecting artists with their negative comments on social media as not everyone has thick skin like him. The rapper referenced the death of Swedish artiste Avicii who committed suicide due to mental health issues. The rapper said despite the Fame and success, artists deal with Mental health issues and Internet trolls are also contributing to it.

When it comes to selling music, Slapdee says “Mother Tongue” is his most satisfying album yet. Although he couldn’t reveal the number of units he sold, Slapdee said the album really did extremely well. King Dizzo also appreciated for providing the platform and empathized that the platform is doing the most and Zambians have at last embraced the idea of buying music.

The award winning rapper also revealed that initially approached him to distribute and sell “Black Na White 2” but he turned them down. According to the rapper, he thought it was just another Zambian platform which wouldn’t deliver