Singer Dambisa Defends Slapdee


Dancehall artiste and singer Dambisa becomes the latest Zambian celebrity to hold Slapdee‘s back after several speculations about the rapper on Social media. The award winning rapper whose album drops today has since been facing a number of speculations from the Kabovela saga and now his alleged falling relationship with his rich Girlfriend Wendy.

Earlier this week, Macky 2 and Dj Showstar also showed King Dizzo some love by Refuting the rumors on his behalf. Below is Dambisa’s facebook post;

I know everyone n anyone will have something to say about Mwila Slapdee Musonda . Yes ! I do have something to say, let’s not be fooled by every little thing that’s posted on social media …

Yes we all error , n we learn as we grow. Mwila is one of the most amazing talents Zambia has n he stops at nothing …, Just as many artist here , we all have our downs …That .,only shows we are human.

…That .,only shows we are human.Yes ! His done you n someone out there wrong but ask yourself is it worth to destroy his legacy n what he believes in?

Last week he had something going , on social media , this week again ?

Please ….

I don’t know how many years ago that took place n you want to react on it today ?
Am so sorry , it’s not right ! You should have taken the chance then , than now…

This is just plain wrong! His facing much more right now.

Trust me , this my family we hate n we love each other , just as in any normal family.

His a gem of our country , n so is many . …….

We one 1⃣ , just as we have shared good ? memories , we will share the bad ones too.

And I choose to share his pain , cause his not the only one 1⃣……At one point we will need one another .

Just so you know his a wonderful father unlike men out there , busy bad mouthing when all your shit is in the wrong places.