Ruff Kid should reduce on concubines-says one of his fan.


A concerned Ruff kid fan has advised Ruff Kid not to waste most of his time with concubines, but concentrate on his music career.
This was after the recent picture which ruff kid posted on his Facebook page showing him in the middle of ladies. This  fan further said We have seen many Zambian artists who have lost their maps in music because of such kind of acts,the fame which Ruff Kid is having is not that stable for him to start playing around like he is doing right now, in other ways we can say that he is lucky for this second chance he has been given again because his mates are no where to be seen. So with all due respect Sir Mr Ruff Kid kindly be wise because if you become blinded with your current, you will loose the bright future which awaits for you if you concentrate and work extra hard. Because he is setting a bad example to the young and who so ever that he inspires.

Could it be that this fan misunderstood the picture which Ruff Kid posted or maybe he is right?check out the picture and tell us what you think was going on between Ruff Kid and the said Ladies,are they his sisters, cousins, friends or concubines .

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