Pilato Defends Macky 2 As Bra B Opposes The Tilizon Song


With Tilizon by Macky 2 being the talk of the week, everyone is trying to give their honest reaction about it. Recently Pilato came out with his opinion defending his Alpha Entertainments Boss. The Controversial Poet and rapper wrote on his Facebook page

Just a minute

My greatest fear is being misunderstood. I do everything to make myself clear, if i have to say something i try to say it all widely and deeply. I try my best not to leave room for misunderstandings but still people never miss an opportunity to misinterpret things. This is because people judge things ‘collectively’. The human mind enjoys connecting dots and making conclusions so even when something is innocent if the mind interpreting it is biased towards a certain end, the conclusion will be biased towards that end.

I have listened to Macky 2’s song TILIZON and i feel this song has been misunderstood. I do not know who started the thought that the song was mocking Mr. Hakainde Hichilema but i think he has managed to control the minds of so many of our people. How did the so many people get convinced that MACKY 2 did actually mock and insult Mr. H.H even when there’s no such thing in the song? Have we become this simple?

I think we have compromised ourselves and it is very much unfair for our country. We have tuned ourselves to the last frequency of politics so everything to us is political. We are seeing everything through our political lenses. We can’t afford to surrender our whole being to our politics and expect to survive this life.

On the song, while Macky 2 is responsible and answerable for the words he used in the song we cannot hold him accountable for anyone insinuating that he disrespected Mr. HH. Lets judge things for what they are instead for what we think they should be. We can do better. What benefit would it be for Macky 2 to mock and insult Mr. Hichilema? How would he benefit from doing so?

On the other hand Bra B who is known to have been affiliated with Kopala Swag for long time actually thinks the song is disrespectful. The fearless rapper wrote;

my own opinion tho, no disrespect or what..ulimukali but ( tilizoni ) teyo…according to the way I know u, u can do better than that brah….no hate just being real”

The Tilizon Song has since been received with negatives views especially by UPND supporters with Zambian Watchdog launching a beef with Macky 2. You can tell us what you think about the song by joining the discussion on our Facebook page.